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What kind of homes do you buy?

We specialize in homes from $20,000 to $350,000 in value in Tarrant County and the surrounding DFW area. We buy rental properties, inherited homes, or your personal home. Basically, if it’s a house, let’s talk.

Will you buy rental homes with tenant issues?

Absolutely. We can work with your tenant situation and still close in 10 days. Selling a house with tenants can be a burden, but it doesn’t have to be. We buy homes even with problem tenants. You can still sell a rental property fast for cash when you work with us.

What if my home needs significant repairs?

Not a problem. We buy your property AS-IS, plain and simple. There’s no need for you to take on costly repairs. You can sell your house in need of repairs as it is today, and we will take care of the rest. There’s no need to fix up your house to sell it and hope you recover that money once it finally sells. Keep your money and sell your house quickly. Let us worry about repairs.

Will you be trying to show my house to sell to another buyer?

Absolutely not. We buy your property in cash and take possession ourselves. Unlike many other home buyers out there, we do not immediately try to wholesale your house to another investor. We will not try to “flip” your home to another buyer prior to closing. You can sell your house to us with no agents, and truly know that you are selling your house to us, and not to someone who is just trying to sell it before closing as so many home buyers do.

How do you determine what you will pay for my house?

It’s very simple. We look at what comparable homes are selling for and then adjust for condition of the property and needed repairs. We make sure to get all the details on the history of the house and what you’ve already done to improve it, so that we can give you the maximum value possible. Selling your house for cash is quick and easy, and we want to make sure that you feel good about what you are getting for it.

How many homes do you really close on once contracts are signed?

We close on every house we contract. That’s why we guarantee our contracts with $5,000 earnest money. You can sell your house for cash quickly and know that you are dealing with an honest and upfront buyer. Linda at our preferred title company, Providence Title, can attest to this. We welcome you to call her at 817-826-9648 to check up on us!

Are there any obligations or fees to work with you?

Zero. From our first talk to closing, not one dollar is due to us. Selling your house to us for cash saves you all the fees that typically hit you when you sell with an agent. We take care of everything on our end.


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